Design System

The theme on v1 allowed borders between fields and the value was indented. This looks quite different in v2. Does anyone have any suggestions? See attachment. Thank you.


  • I've been trying to style my forms similarly, specifically with the line under each field. I haven't figured out how to do so in the design system, but it may be possible using custom CSS available in the new Boston release. If not, maybe a good candidate for an idea/feature request?

  • I would hope it's possible with Design System, but I haven't been able to find anything either.

    If you're using custom CSS, then it would looks something like this:

    custom section under form.js

    return {
        "row": {
            "&:not(:last-child)": {
                'padding-bottom': '10px',
                'border-bottom': '1px solid #d1d3d5'



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