faultcode:'soapenv:Client', faultstring:'No service available for class 'genesis.CustomButtonAction'

edited January 5, 2021 in Questions
:( I have written a snippet to call the managed package apex class. But I'm facing the above exception. Please help me.


  • debugger;
    var scModels = skuid.model.getModel('PartyMainBorrower');
    var scRow = scModels.data[0];
    var accId = scRow.clcommon__Account__c;
    var result = sforce.apex.execute('genesis.CustomButtonAction','calculateExposure',
    Id : accId
    alert('Exposure values updated!');

    Above is the script to call the managed package class. And genesis is the prefix of the managed package class. What else i have missed can anyone please help me.
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