page not working as page include, but all work well when page is previewed..

HI Guys,

Happy New year!

This issue reminds me when i first started on skuid years ago..but this time after doing this 100's of times, I cannot figure out for the life of me what is the issue.

I have this page named: Submission_to_lender_select_docs and when I preview it all works well.

As soon as I try to use it as a page include, no data gets loaded, I can see in console the Id is passed properly in parameter of page include....

Here's console when I access page as preview:

Now here's as a page include

As you can see id is properly passed to page include. But that page keep acting as if no parameter ID is received...

Here's page include: ( i tried passing the model's row Id as well, same issue as using parameter ID)

Here's how model on this page include is set up...

Any ideas would be helpful

Thank you

Best Answer

  • Skuidward Tentacles (Raymond)
    Accepted Answer

    At first glance you may want to change your parameter ID’s so they don’t match. Looks like the parent has a url parameter of β€œid” and the included page has a url parameter of β€œid”


  • Thank you Raymond,

    Bah i knew it was something stupid like this I overlooked!

    I renamed it to "sid' instead and now works.

    Great start of the new year for my brain lol :D

    Thanks again

  • I’ll need you to bail me out on something soon enough! Glad it worked.

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