How to Launch a Skuid Dashboard (with Opp context) from a Quick Action in a NEW TAB in Lightning


We created a Lightning Component for the Skuid Page that we want to display and added it to a Quick Action on Opportunity. We are having trouble getting the Lightning Component to open as a new tab in the same Lightning browser window (both for console and standard navigation) (it's way too cramped when it opens in the standard quick action window and we need to be able to toggle back and forth to the Opportunity while viewing it).

We added a controller file to the component to initialize a method where we can utilize the built in navigation functionality for Lightning, but we are having trouble figuring out what we are calling on our side to get the Skuid Page to open in a new Lightning tab.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, we will also need to pass the Opportunity ID to it so that the data the dashboard displays is specific to the Opportunity.



  • I don't think you will be able to call a new lightning tab from within a Skuid page. However, could you make the Quick Action on the Opportunity go to a URL and have the URL be a Lightning Page with the Skuid Component inside of it and then pass the opportunity Id from the Quick Action to the URL and then have the Skuid Component Model look for the Id in the URL.

  • Thanks! I ended up deciding to scrap the Quick Action all together because what works best for the use case is to have the user be able to have the dashboard open in an entirely separate browser tab so they can reference it when configuring CPQ in Salesforce rather than toggling back and forth. I went with a URL in a field on Opportunity which passes the Opportunity ID and opens in a new browser tab (works in Lightning both standard and console navigations and in Classic).
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