V2 Design System Studio Styling of standard Save and Cancel buttons on Table component

In the V2 DSS, what’s the property that stylizes the Save and Cancel buttons on a Table Component? I can’t figure out how to change those two buttons away from the default variant.


  • Hi Conlan, thank you for bringing up this issue! Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment. Our Product Management is aware of this feature request. As a workaround, maybe you could disable the Table Save&Cancel buttons, and use your own Button Group instead?

    Many regards, Luzie & team

  • Thanks Luzie. Makes sense as a workaround.

  • Luzie - I actually figured this one out, by changing the Default Button Group's styling. But I think what is still missing is the option to change the Save/Cancel button's styling to a different Button Group style variant. It seems like you have to use the default Button Group variant...although I understand this is now getting very nit-picky as a request :)

  • Sounds good, Conlan! :-)

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