Unable to Publish Event: Lightning Show Toast Message

Hi All,

Are you guys able to send the Toast Message event from skuid to lightning? Im unable to do it I have followed exactly the steps based on the documentation but not able to


  • Hi @megatdanial what version of Skuid are you using? Are you building in API v1 or v2?

  • Hi @"Anna Wiersema"

    Should be API v2 below is my version

    Current Skuid Version
    Spark Update 3 (
  • Thanks @megatdanial.

    Which direction are you going? It sounds like you're trying to publish a Skuid event that a Lightning component will interpret and show a toast message, correct?

    Can you share the documentation that you're using? Based on Event Handling Between Custom Lightning Components and Skuid it looks like it should be possible to use the skuid:event handler to publish events from a Skuid page to a custom Lightning component on the same Lightning page.

    Let us know what you've tried so far in your Skuid page and in your Lightning component.


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