Passing Variable values to Salesforce flow via Action

Hi all

Recently discovered this brilliant app and loving it.

Having an issue with flows however.

I have Salesforce Flow that requires a record id to run, this flow is on our payable object but i want to trigger it from the payable line (child) model. In SF this is easy as you just pass the parents id to the flow and it looks like it should be easy in Skuid. when i choose the flow in the action it gives me a box for the input variable from the flow called recordId.

HOWEVER, no matter what i type in this box and press save when i return to the box its blank again. I had assumed i could just pass {{$Payable.Id}} to this flow via this box, but its defeating me.

Any help? is this component disfunctional or am i missing something?

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  • Addition to this, it does actually pass the value in the recordId box, it just blanks it after save... which is very strange. Noticed this when i added random text and when i ran the action i got a error from SF.

    Now to determine the correct syntax for passing the id.

  • Thanks Anna, It was 13.0.x something, i actually ran an upgrade yesterday and will test once my license is active again :-)

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