Lightning Component Error - RemoteProvider of Undefined

Hi, my users recently began reporting this component error in lightning "Cannot read property 'remoteProvider' of undefined".

We are currently on version Spark 12.2.21. As far as I can see my users have all the access they are supposed to have for this page, licensed users, skuid page viewer, etc. This error started popping up yesterday.


  • Is there some specific interaction that causes this error? Can you give us some more insight on when it emerges?

  • Hi Rob, thank you for your reply. Absolutely and my apologies for not being more descriptive.

    The setup here is a Skuid page on a lightning component for the Case object record. We use it to help the user update more information on the case for a field that has a lot of different options. Based on feedback from the user, I was told that the error happens well after interaction with the Skuid app, that they had left the case and come back, tried to interact with other fields and that pop-up occurred.

    Hope this provides enough info.

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