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Where do I find the required fields styling option to "Text in Badge"

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  • Hi Bill,

    Are you asking where to set the font family for the text in the Badge?

    If you are using V2, you can go to Design Systems and open the design system you wish to modify.

    With the Design System open, click Components then control + F (to search) type Badge. It should highlight the Badge component. Click on Badge component. On the right click on Primary, then you should see the badge properties appear on the right hand of the screen. You should see Font Family there.

  • Hello Tony,

    I can not find where to do the following.

    Required fields: Good app design lets users know what’s expected of them. To that end, you can now customize the “required fields” indicators and configure how changed (but unsaved) data in both Read and Edit modes displays to the user.

  • Hi Bill,

    In the Design System, go to Components > Form > Label > Required. There you will find all the properties to style your required text... even creating a "badge" by giving it a little padding, a background color, and a rounded border radius.

  • What about for tables? There is no indication that a field is required in a table.

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