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For some reason when we use the Table search on any table with source from DSO

we get this error: There was an error performing the requested search. there was an error making a request against the database: invalid input syntax for type numeric:

For some reason it's expecting numeric values only

it use to work fine, and was able to search anything (number or text)

If i try to specify the search fields (example 1 text field and 1 numeric field), I get same error when searching any text

if in search field i specify the text field only or numeric field only, it works

Any ideas on how i can search by default all fields as it's suppose to be?


  • Forgot to mention i'm on V1 version: 12.4.9

  • Dave, sorry for the delay in answering. Do I remember correctly that you are using a MS SQL connection?

  • @Rob Hatch no worries, sorry for late replies , for some reason i do not get post notification on my email like I use too, and settings are set to do it.

    We are using PosgreSQL as DSO

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