How can i make drawer's before load actions to apply everytime the action button is clicked on ?


I have a table, that has a drawer action.

This drawer has before load actions that Activate & set Model condition on many different models using that row's data. All works well until i try using this drawer action for same row a 2nd time in same session.

Example i have 3 rows




If i click on Sept's row action, data load properly, then i close sept drawer and click on Aug it loads properly, now if I need to click back on sept's row action the before load actions do not apply a second time, and still show Aug Data.

Is there a way someone knows that i can basically have skuid apply the before load actions everytime that action is used and not only the first time?

the equivalent of tab actions, where we have 2 options: When first shown and Whenever rendered.

Thank you in advance!


  • the "drawer before load actions" are not intended to fire the second time you open the drawer. This is working as intended. If you want the actions to fire EVERY Time - move them to the row action that opens the drawer. (You may want to use the XML editor to copy and paste the actions - but be careful....)

    If your actions load the data that should be in the drawer - our thinking has been that when you open the drawer a second time, the data is still there - and shouldn't be loaded again.

    But as you say - if the "Aug" load blows away the "Sept" data - you are in trouble.

    There is another way to do this: Your query data actions have an option to "Load more" data, rather than completely replace data. That way you push "Sept" and get that data, and push "Aug" and this data is APPENDED to the other data, and both drawers can have data showing. You will need to use the "context" tab of the components in the drawer to make sure the right data is shown in each month. This can get tricky on Aggregate models (which I assume you are using because of the Date information). There are other posts on this forum about how to get around this problem,

    Lots of concepts coming together here - and its about as complicated as Skuid gets. You are close and can get there... Be encouraged.

  • Thank you for the answer @Rob Hatch , but not sure if I'm doing something wrong but can you confirm Context works with DSO?

    As every time I try to set a context condition, it never works for me

    Pls let me know


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