TypeError: e is null in function loadSkuid

Joan Jackson
Joan Jackson ✭✭
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We have licensed skuid users who randomly get this error when they open a Salesforce record containing multiple skuid pages:

There was an erorr rendering Skuid Page component for page [our page name] TypeError: 3 is null.

The Function value in the message is loadSkuid/< Line 166

This web site is not allowing me to post a screen shot of the error message

There are 3 skuid pages on this record detail where the above error is being thrown for each component on many (but not all) page loads.. The skuid lightning component is being used for each skuid table on this page.. The users are in Salesforce lightning and many of them use Firefox rather than Chrome. I use Chrome and never see these errors.

Our skuid version is Spark Update 3, verson 12.4.13. It seems as though these users are getting the errors more frequently since we updated Skuid to this version.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can make these page load errors go away for these users?


  • Hi Joan, sorry to hear your users are getting these errors.

    • Are the errors you're describing the Lightning Component Errors that are generated by Salesforce and display in popups?
    • For affected users with access to the Lightning App Builder, do they still see these errors when they open the page in the Lightning App Builder?
    • Are the affected users using any browser extensions? Do they still get the errors in incognito?
  • These are screenshots for the errors. The same 3 display for a different skuid page we have on the same layout. The answer to your first question seems to be yes. None of the users have access to the Lightning App Builder.

    The users seeing these errors mostly use Firefox. I use Chrome and don't see them. I will reach out to them to see if the affected users have any plugins in their browsers.

  • Heard back from a Firefox user and he has no plugins but sees the errors.

    Their department has someone who exclusively uses Chrome and he sees the errors.

    They have not tried incognito so will try that next.

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