Count Length Changes do not change render condition

I have a response grid which is conditioned on an aggregate field. As the aggregate number changes I can see the aggregate number changing. However, as the aggregate number changes the condition on the response grid does not change.

<group> <skuid__messageBlock model="Get_Phone_DNA" title="Multiple Members" description="There are {{{countId}}} Members with the Entity, {{{$}}}. Only one should have a checkmark under &quot;Active Primary Entity Email&quot;. If there is, then select the member that should be the Primary Email by selecting &quot;Activate as Primary Email&quot;. All others should be unchecked. There should ONLY be 1 or nonselected." styleSettingsVariant="warningStrong"> <renderConditions logictype="and" logic="{{$Model.View_Person_Email_Count.length}}&lt;8"/> </skuid__messageBlock> </group>


  • Hard time reading your xml there Bill. But I don't think you have it configured right. Do you have that formula in the "Condition logic" property on the Render Conditions node itself. That's not what its for...

    You need to add a Render condition under the Render Conditions Node and it needs to look like this:

  • Was trying on the response grid as it would not work on the message, Here is how it works:

  • Looks like you are rendering on the "emailCount" model. And pulling the "CountID" from that model as well. If that is an aggreate model, new rows will not be created when you add new entries - the model aggregates all the entries and generates an updated value for the "countId" field in a SINGLE row. Use the "field Value" rendering option on the CountID field, not the model property rendering option.

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