How to use activated record page in override

I am using a Visualforce override of the standard Salesforce Contact page to display a Skuid page. Within the Skuid page, I have created a button to allow the display of the standard Contact page via a Redirect URL (/{{Id}}?nooverride=1). The button works but always takes me to the default Lightning Contact page. I have created/edited a new Record page with additional layout info and activated it. However this page is not being used from the redirect.

How can I redirect to this created & activated lightning page?


  • I'm not sure what the answer is - but I know that Lightning does not respect the "nooverride=1" url parameter. That was a convention in Classic that is no longer supported in Lightning. You'll have to explore direct linking to a specific Lightning page in the SFDC docs.

  • Missed this reply. This is what I expected. What I need to find is the URL for the activate Lightning Record page. I am not sure of how the page is distinguished. I do not see anything specific to identify each record page layout even though in the Page editor they have unique Labels and Developer Names.

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