Do not drop trailing zeros

Converting number to text dropping training zeros

Description: I have a number 28.0692641000000 that I am trying to convert to text in a formula field.

My formula is:


It returns 28.0692641

I want it to return 28.0692641000000

Can this be done in Skuid or SF?

Best Answer


  • There is no "text" function in Skuid.

    Trailing decimal places that are zeros are really not anything and are not stored in math operations.

    You will have to put together a pretty complicated operation that does the following.

    1. Find the number of decimal places where there are values (in the example above it is 7)
    2. In a "JoinText" function append the base number with the number of zeros you found in step 1.

    I"m not sure this can even be done in a Formula - feels like a custom code solution to me.

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