How do I enable a sandbox community user to use a skuid page in a SF community

I'm building out my skuid page in a sandbox for my partner community and can't figure out how to make the page visible in the community for the Partner user. As the admin, I can see the page when logged in to the sandbox community but the partner user does not see the skuid page.
Set audience on component on community page: Done
Perm set for user: done
Page Assignment for profile: Done
Remote site added: Done (this fixed the admin user issue. anything else?
License: I only have regular licenses, does that matter in a sandbox?

Thanks in advance for help on this.
This is a SANDBOX issue but will also appreciate anything that will be necessary when I move it to production.


  • Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share that we were able to resolve this issue by updating the external Sharing Settings on the Page object to 'Public Read Only' - Happy building!
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