Is there a way to make a table 'Not save' Field sort order?

Basically i want that every time the model/page is refreshed, that it sort by the Model's Sort order and not 'Remember' the user's table field sorting.

Is there any way?

I feel i'm missing something obvious , tried sorting client side but that causes other issues

Thank you


  • Hey Dave,

    This feature will likely find its way to a place in the product where a workaround is not needed, but in the meantime here is a potential workaround:

    when the model is queried (including page load) don't actually use the query model action, instead you can clear the sort using the sort action in the action framework. make sure 'sort model client side' is not checked, which will enable you to check the box 'query after setting sort.' for the sort behavior use 'clear sort.' you will need to select a field (like created date or id) even though that doesnt do anything or it will throw an error.

    when this action runs it will clear the sort then query the model. you can also check a box to update the personalization framework so the sort clears completely. for the page load you can uncheck the 'query on page load' on the model and then query it using an action sequence that runs when the skuid page is rendered.

    heres a screenshot of my demo:

    let me know if you run into anything or have any questions. good luck!

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