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Hi Guys, after using DSO for couple months, here's maybe some ideas that can be useful.

  1. When need to update the schema for an existing table, the only way is to reimport the DSO's table. The problem with this is every time we do, we lose most of the fields permissions (Display Type, Sortable, groupable, ID field...) would be nice to have those saved, or to be able to import only specific fields from table instead of whole table
  2. when using DSO cannot sort by any UI-only field
  3. Aggregate Grouping missing all functions (calendar month...)
  4. Ability to give users in 1 click access to all data. New Design system has helped, but still a lot of clicking to do to giver certain profile all permissions for all tables. Would be nice to have a 'General DSO Setting instead of table per table
  5. Make Skuid so smart that it can replace me and i can go on permanent paid vacation!

Will update this post if other items come to mind

Thank you

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  • Totally upvote the last idea!

    Thanks for documenting these things. They are consistent with ideas that have been proposed internally. I'll add your voice to those conversations.

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