Help with field renderer -- checking for null lookup field

I've built a custom field renderer. I want to render table rows as red when the field mode is read only and value2 is not equal to null. Value2 is a lookup field.

I've tried both of these:

if (field.mode == 'readonly' && value2 !== null) 

if (field.mode == 'readonly' && value2 !== '') 

Currently, here's my snippet -- it's showing all rows as red

var field = arguments[0];

var row = field.row;

var value2 = row.Termination__c;

var value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]); 


if (field.mode == 'readonly' && value2 !== null) 





  • Hi Brayden

    • What version of Skuid are you using?
    • Can you send as well the content of your "UpdateForm_row-red" class?

    Starting in the Boston Release which will soon be available for early access, there will be many more declarative styling options in v2, which is really exciting.

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