Possible to Make a Query from DB only once and then use that data on other models without requerying

HI, Wondering if this is possible.

We are use a DSO with PostgreSQL and when inspecting page load, it seems every model is pulling from DB.

Here's my scenario and question

I have a table of transactions with a field named Category:

For each category I need an AGG model, and Regular model

So if i have 5 categories, i will have 10 models, and it seems each is querying from the DB

Here's my idea/question, any help would be appreciated.

Can i query this table fully once (model named: all_transactions) and then all 10 models mentioned above would basically would 'Grab' the data from that model only without ever needing to query from the DB?

I tried with condition that all the 10 models' ID is in the set of values from any row from all_transaction table, but it seems to me it still pulling from DB.

Hope it's clear.

Thank you


  • I guess this idea is not possible?

    Would love to have someone @skuid confirm that if possible.

    Thank you

  • Hey Dave, it's possible to adopt rows between models, but it will not work between basic and aggregate models. We recommend you stick primarily with the basic models, because aggregates get tricky.

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