Bubble Charts - How do they work?

In my 8(?) years of building with skuid, I have yet to use a bubble chart. Well - today is the day. I've spent an hour trying to figure it out and I can't crack the code or find anyone else asking the same questions (maybe I'm not searching the new community correctly - I don't know.)

Any idea how I can get the series labels to list the name of the record just once, instead of three times, as seen here"

Note: the only way I could get the Expected Monthly Spend field to show anything other than 0 is by using the SUM aggregate function for the bubble size... weird because the other fields are showing just fine without needing to tell them to aggregate.

Any ideas?


  • Hi Kaede, sorry for the late reply on this one. Have you made any progress in the mean time?

    1. I can reproduce the error with the triple labels and will log it as a product defect.
    2. Needing to sum the amount field to get a result sounds like it's expected behavior for the chart.
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