Preload a UI Only reference Field

Bill FoxBill Fox 💎
edited July 6, 2020 in Questions

Are there any screens shots to show how to load a record into a UI Only reference field when creating a record. Here is what I have done in V2:


  • Hey Bill, thanks for the video. I've been able to reproduce this issue in v2 and it appears there's an issue in how the values are being handled by the ui-only reference field. I am logging this as a known issue in our tracking system. We will let you know when the fix is available.

    In the meantime it will help us prioritize this issue if you could share more about how your implementation is affected:

    • Is this page already live in production? 
    • If this page isn't already live, when is your planned deployment date? 
    • Is this issue blocking that deployment?

    I've assessed this issue's level of impact on you as Level 4 Medium Impact. Let me know if this sounds correct.

  • Thanks Anna. It is not live. The impact level is correct.

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