Unable to post to all categories

Such as:

  • Questions
  • Ideas
  • Problems


  • Hey Pat, that has to do with the type of post you're creating. In the dropdown for New Discussion you'll see questions and ideas. Definitely a quirk with the new platform, but it should function for you.

  • Pat VachonPat Vachon 💎💎💎

    Got it. So there are Discussion Types and Categories.

    1. New Discussion
      1. Praise
      2. Feedback on Skuid Community
    2. New Idea
      1. Ideas (should be singular imo and selected by default as it's the only category)
    3. Ask a Quesion
      1. Questions (should be singular imo)
      2. Problems (should be singular imo)
  • Pat VachonPat Vachon 💎💎💎
    edited July 1, 2020

  • Yup, you got it, @Pat Vachon! To save yourself some clicks, if you are within one of those categories and you create a new post, it'll only show you the options available for that category.

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