Tips for those who moved from Skuid's legacy community

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All posts and comments from the legacy community have been migrated to the new platform.

Here are some changes in the new platform:

  • If you were Following a post, these are now bookmarks. You can view what you have bookmarked under My Bookmarks.
  • If you had Me Too'd a post, these are now Vote Ups.
  • With the exception of Accepted Answers, replies are posted in chronological order and will not indent comments on comments. Click "Quote" under the post/comment/answer you want to respond to and it will bring that post/comment/answer into your response.
  • Previous "categories" now live on as tags and are visible on the right side of the discussions tab.
  • Status of a post: The legacy community showed the status of the post under each post's title. For problems and questions, the status is now visible as a tag. For ideas, the status is now visible after the content of the original post.
  • Idea statuses have changed slightly as shown below.
    • "Planned" is now "Awaiting Review."
    • "Under Consideration" is the same.
    • "Implemented" is the same.
    • "Not Planned" is the same.

Here are some new cool things you can do right off the bat:

  • For posts that are questions, you can officially accept one or more of the comments as the answer
  • Tag conversations for ease of finding based on related information 
  • Bookmark discussions
  • Filter by “My Discussions”
  • Send private messages to other community members
  • Earn annual badges on the anniversary of your joining the Skuid community 

Please make sure you check out the "How to start a great post" and "Getting the Most out of the Skuid Community" in the COMMUNITY INFO (START HERE!) category!

The new platform has a ton of cool features that the Skuid team will take advantage of over time to enhance your experience so stay tuned for exciting developments as we all acclimate to the new platform together!!! 

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