trying to access images on external site

BillBill 💎
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Need screenshots on setting up a data source to access images like this:

Does anyone have an example and Wasabi is not included.  Wasabi is the least expensive cloud storage with our access charges I could find.  Any help?


  • Hi Bill, do you know if Wasabi has any publicly accessible APIs like a rest API? If they do, then you can follow the Skuid documentation around setting up data sources.

  • Thanks Anna. This was Wasabi's response:

    Thanks for reaching out. We do not currently have a solution for Skuid. It does not appear that Skuid has a solution for AWS S3 either. You are welcome to ask Skuid about S3 support or determine if they already have S3 supported, it looks like they might:

    If they do, the key to using Wasabi instead of S3 is if there is an option to enter a customer S3 endpoint URL:

    What are the service URLs for Wasabi's different regions?

    What do you think?

  • Hi Bill, Skuid does have s3 supported as the documentation you shared above shows.

    • Have you tried to set up the authentication provider and data source for Wasabi using the customer s3 endpoint URL? You can find that URL using the link Wasabi gave you. Ask them if you need any assistance with that.
    • If you've tried to set up the authentication provider and data source for Wasabi, did you encounter any issues? Please share any screenshots you have from setting up the authentication provider and the data source in Skuid.

    When it comes to connecting to external data, the Skuid documentation is very helpful including:

  • Thanks Anna. I successfully set up Authentication Provider to Wasabi. When I go to set S3 (substituted with Wasabi) I do not see "Data Source Type" of Amazon S3.

  • Bill FoxBill Fox 💎
    edited July 13, 2020

    I assume it is redshift. But the nomenclature of Redshift S3 does not match Wasabi exactly. Need help in what goes in each of these fields

  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 

    Oh no... Our AWS S3 datasource is only available on Skuid Platform. Sorry Anna, Sorry Bill. We have not implemented most of the AWS datasources on the Salesforce managed package for a variety of reasons. What you are trying to connect to is the AWS Redshift DataWarehouse solution. This is a completely different thing.

    Bill - you will need to figure out whether Wasabi has a REST or OData endpoints and configure models this way. And I'm afraid that no-one at Skuid has experience with Wasabi. I think you are on your own here.

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