Table column not rendering if the field display logic is not met by first data row

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I have a table with ~50 rows and am using display logic to choose whether or not to display certain columns.

If the condition that that should cause the column to render is not met by the data in the first row of the table, the column will not render.

If it is met by the data in the first row, however, it will render. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or if I need to change my display logic?



  • DaveDave 💎
    edited June 19, 2020
    Welcome to Skuid Shannon.

    I can confirm this issue!

    What version are you on Shannon?

    It's weird, pretty sure I've used this multiple times in the past and all worked fine. 
    I'm on 12.2.19 right now ad it does not.

    Your logic seems fine and cannot think of a workaround for now :(

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    It took me a while to figure out what version I'm on, but it looks like it's the same version as you - 12.2.19
  • Hi Shannon, It sounds like the behavior you're experiencing is expected in Skuid. The model field value display logic for table columns does only take into account the row in context (usually the first row) and shows or hides the column based on the values of this row.

    Can you share more about your use case? What do you expect to happen in this scenario?

    • Do you want to show/hide the column if any of the rows has a certain field value?

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