Action Sequence and Apex timing- anyway to determine when async processes completes?

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Given that the official preference/requirement in Lightning to call APEX is via Data Source Action in action sequence, I  am running into a challenge determining when the async process complete.

I tried using deferred promises on saves. Is there  some resource I am missing in tracking down how to tell when a thread (say the first, second whatever) async process has completed so I can start using the results?{Inputs) doesn't seem to return anything usable. Thanks for any ideas.

 (The scenario is: mass action, working on group of rows, run action sequence so I can call apex in LEX, apex returns json into another model (all which works great). The challenge is the subsequent code runs before model/data is populated.) Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is well!


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    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I use a model based on object AsyncApexJob to track when certain Apex sync jobs have completed. I don't have it built into an action sequence. It just triggers the rendering of a rich text field which I use as an alert if a specific Apex job has not completed.
    There are fields to identify the specific job, the status of that job and whether there are any errors with the job.

  • Thanks Raymond. This was adjacent but an awesome find!

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