Google Drive Upload - catch id?

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I'm using the file uploader configured to connect to google drive data source type.  I've got a file uploader and am successfully able to upload files to drive with it.  However, I can't find anyway to catch the uploaded file information, such as the id or link.  I can see it in the browser network activity, but can't find any attribute in Skuid for it.  I don't want to just take the latest from my drive in case they upload multiple files.

Is there a way to catch the created id(s) from the upload??
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    Hey Paul, unfortunately there is not any way currently to get at this information, not that I've been able to find. Agreed that just looking for the "last created" in My Drive is not viable because users can upload multiple. I've added a ticket to address this, as it is also a limitation with most of our other Data Source types that support File Upload: S3, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box.
  • PaulPaul ✭✭
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    The file upload component is one of the more powerful components in Skuid - would love to see this added.  Given that it is already in the google api response, hopefully that is a realistic/not too hard add?  
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    It is realistic and not too hard --- but as with all things is subject to PM prioritization :)
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