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This has been suggested in different ways before, but it seems like a no brainer.

It would be great if we could control settings for groups of a component. Like setting the default Table to always include Mark Row for Delete row action and the Show Search Box option enabled.
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    Love this idea. Would encourage consistent experiences of components throughout apps, and minimize the "declarative refactoring" burden for Skuid builders.

    A big complication here for implementation would be the Model / Field dependence of different components, e.g. in your example, a Table with a "Mark Rows for Delete" action preconfigured, the action would need to have a Model, so Skuid would need to abstract out some of those strong bindings to particular Models/fields in order to make the Table configuration reusable across other tables connected to different Models / Fields. Not saying it's impossible --- we could handle it more like we do Action Sequence inputs, and make it generic.

    Will say it again, I love this.
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