Dynamic tooltip enable based on condition

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I wanted to dynamically change text based on conditionally enabled. 

Ex: I have button, which enabled based on different conditions, with different condition, I need to inform, what factors this button gets enabled (dynamic tooltip text).

Is there any way to get this done? Below which I have provided snap shot of this. 
Instead of static Message tooltip, I want to provide dynamic text, is this possible. 


Thanks in advance


  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
    edited June 11, 2020
    Hi Siddhi, thanks for asking your question.

    • You're building in v1, correct?
    • When you say "dynamic text," what exactly do you mean?  How many different variations of the tooltip text do you want? Do you want to pull in field values from the record?

    Currently a workaround for this is to create a ui-only field for each tooltip variation and then display the appropriate field depending on the condition value.  Does this make sense?
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