Resources for integrating Salesforce Community actions and Skuid Page conditional queries?

edited June 9, 2020 in Questions
We are currently having challenges with setting Skuid Page conditions for page query based on user selections/actions made within Salesforce Community. Is there a good resource of videos/documentation of how best to push external inputs over to Skuid pages for the users? Particularly hopeful for a declarative path, if that is available.
For our specific use case, we have users entering a Salesforce Community who will be selecting a record from a related list on their contact record and then looking to have that selection be pushed over to a Skuid Page's conditions that holds forms needing to be queried and pre-populate based on differing related record selections.


  • I wanted to close the loop on this community post. In Rob's case, it turns out the best option is to pass url params via query strings to page includes. Also, using actions to update the page include details (in other words, swapping out one Skuid page for another, and swapping out query strings) can help get desired functionality, especially when paired with branching logic that's possible in action sequences.

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