skuid cli max number of xml lines limitation?

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using the skuid cli to push a page to salesforce, it cuts the xml of the page off at 6755 lines of xml. The page validly has 6992 lines of xml in salesforce. 


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    That is very unexpected - there should not be a max lines limitation. Only limitation currently would be a limit on the total size of the page XML, do you know what the size is of the file on disk? e.g. how many KB is it?
  • Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
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    664 KB
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    Hmm. If the page can be saved in Salesforce, must be an issue with the CLI adding unneeded whitespace characters to the XML as part of the push, bloating the payload to exceed a limit. Will have to dig into this further.
  • I have the same issue, I have few pages that translate to around 13k XML lines, I can pull them from salesforce just fine, but when I try to push it I get the following error message.

    Encountered premature end of XML: no more data available - expected end tags to close start tag from line 6875 and start tag from line 6862 and start tag from line 6598 and start tag from line 1, parser stopped on START_TAG seen ...em location="inline" name="pageLoad" cachelocation="false" url="">... @6875:78

    Though, pages that are around 4k lines of XML work just fine. I cannot pin point exact lines that I can push, but I think that error message says around 6875.

    Command used to push:
    skuid push -v -f skuidpages[module name]*
    skuid push -v -d .\skuidpages --module [module name]

    Furthermore, I get similar errors (and more) with SKUID extension for SFDX.

    Is there any update for this? Or, current work around?
  • Hi lukaspovilonis, in regards to the issue with lines of XML getting cut off around 6875+ , this has been logged as a known issue in our tracking system. There is not a target date for getting this issue addressed yet but our devs are aware of it. We will let you know when the fix is available.

    In regards to the other errors you're experiencing, see our responses and follow up questions on the related post:

  • @Jack Sanford @lukaspovilonis I've got good news here. The issue with XML lines being cut off upon pushing pages has been fixed in the latest version of skuid-sfdx  (0.4.0). I've posted back in lukas's post about this ( as well.

    In order to upgrade to the latest version of skuid-sfdx, you'll need to run sfdx plugins:update on your machine. You can then run sfdx plugins to view the list of plugins, and verify that skuid-sfdx is now on 0.4.0. If for some reason this does not work, you can also uninstall and reinstall plugins, but this is a bit more tedious (would require running sfdx plugins:uninstall, then running sfdx plugins: install for each plugin you were using).

    If you guys have any issues with the update, please let us know!



  • @Jack Sanford I need to correct my last post. The issue has been fixed for skuid-sfdx only. For deploying Skuid pages between Salesforce orgs, we are now recommending the use of skuid-sfdx in place of Skuid CLI. If you're able to make the switch to skuid-sfdx, you'll be able to take advantage of fixes and new features for deploying Skuid pages on Salesforce. Let us know if you have any questions around this.

    For more detail:

    Apologies for the previous misinformation!


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