Salesforce’s Summer ‘20 Release: Retirement of Mobile Web Experience

Karen Waldschmitt
Karen Waldschmitt 🛠️ 
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In the Summer ‘20 Salesforce release, Salesforce is retiring the Salesforce mobile web experience. 

What does this mean for my users? 

  • Phone (iPhone, Android) or Google tablet users using a mobile browser will get the aloha Salesforce experience. 

    • These users will NOT have the option to change to Lightning.

    • These users will NOT have access to Lightning specific functionality.

    • If these users need Lightning specific functionality, they MUST use the Salesforce mobile app.

  • iPad users WILL be able to access their desired experience (aloha or Lightning) from EITHER a mobile browser or the Salesforce mobile app. 

What Do I Need to Do? 

We highly recommend that you test what your users’ experience will be in a sandbox environment BEFORE it gets auto enabled in your production org. To test, please turn off “Enable Salesforce Mobile Web” as shown in this trailhead


  • Matt Sones
    Matt Sones 💎💎💎
    edited June 19, 2020
    What about users running salesforce classic VF pages with skuid overrides from mobile devices?
  • Since users on mobile browsers will be defaulted to aloha (Salesforce classic), it sounds like VF page should still work except in scenarios where you're trying to access them from Lightning tabs.

    Go ahead and test in a sandbox environment before Summer '20 is enabled in your production org.  To test, please turn off “Enable Salesforce Mobile Web” as shown in this trailhead

     To view the upgrade window for your org, please refer to in the maintenance tab.  For instructions on how to determine your org's instance, see this documentation.

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