Intermittent External Object Error

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This error started popping up recently on any page Standard Skuid page(see screenshot) or custom developed Skuid page. After refreshing page 2-3 times it goes away.

There is no extra information available, however from the error description it seems Salesforce is notifying internally to Skuid.

I have Skuid version: 12.2.14 installed
Salesforce org is on Spring'20


  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
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    Good morning Bhupendra, thanks for alerting us of this issue.  
    • What Salesforce instance is this org on?
    Other clients have been reporting the same issue and I believe there may be an underlying incident occurring with some Salesforce CS instances.  We've escalated this issue appropriately and will keep you posted as soon as we know more.
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    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the response.
    This is occurring currently on CS17 instance for which says up and running.
  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
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    Hi Bhupendra, thanks for the quick reply. Salesforce did just report an ongoing performance degradation So far NA44 is the only instance listed as affected but they will update it as they confirm other instances are affected.  

    On the Skuid side we'll keep you posted when we have more information and once we've confirmed the cause of the issue you're experiencing.
  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
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    • Update: We have opened a case with Salesforce reporting this issue and marked the severity as urgent.
    • To give this issue more visibility, please open your own case with Salesforce and grant them login access to your org.  Feel free to use the text below as a template.
    • Please email [email protected] with your org id so we can add it to our list of affected orgs.

    subject: Intermittent "External object error" when trying to access Skuid app

    1. When trying to access any Skuid page our users are experiencing intermittent errors and being shown a Visualforce error page that says "External object error: An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (skuid)"

    2. Affected orgs
    (include org id here)
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    Thanks Anna for prompt responses and taking it up with Salesforce. I will raise separate case with Salesforce also.
  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
    edited May 6, 2020
    You're welcome, and thanks to you too, Bhupendra.
  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
    edited May 6, 2020
    Salesforce has confirmed that this issue is related to a performance degradation in some sandbox instances. You can view the details here:
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