Remove rows from model not working as I expected!

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Hi have created 2 row actions:

1. Select Record – adopts the row into a to a model SelectedAccounts

2. Deselect Record – removes rows from model SelectedAccounts

The problem I am having is that the Select Record is working, but he Deselect Record does not work. So, if I select record 1, 2 and 3. They are added to the SelectedAccounts model. But if I deselect 1, 2 and 3 they are not removed from the model.  But, if I deselect 4, then then 1, 2, 3 and 4 are removed from the model. What am I doing wrong???


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    Are the two actions both on the same table? Like they're both on AccountsList, and then they're supposed to adopt/remove from SelectedAccounts?
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    The issue sounds like the Deselect Option doesn't have the right context, since the action is on a different model than the one you're trying to remove from. 

    It's a little roundabout, but to accomplish this you could do something like this with the remove row action...
    1. Updates a Feld on a UI-Only Model and stores the AccountId
    2. Toggles a checkbox in SelectedAccounts Model (ui-checkbox)

    Then that SelectedAccounts model is set up with...
    3. SelectedAccounts Model has a Model Action when Row Updated w/ field ui-checkbox
    4. That Model Action starts with a branch thats {{$}} == {{Id}} (If the Id matches the record you said you want to remove)
    5. If true, remove row in context
    6. If false, do nothing
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    Thanks for your help. I think I did everything you said, but if I have a list of 10 accounts and select records 5 & 6. Then deselect 6, the checkbox on the appropriate SelectedAccount record is checked, but the Ui-Only AccountID is that of record 1. It is not the ID of record 6. So record 6 is not removed from the SelectedAccount model.

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    I changed the Model Action Branch formula on the SelectedAccounts model to {{Selected}}==True.  And it worked. Thanks so much!
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