Where are the Sample Pages?

Rob Hatch
Rob Hatch 🛠️ 
edited January 17, 2020 in General
A fair number of posts here refer to Sample Pages that we posted in Github or Bitbucket.  We have moved these to a new repo.  So if you get 404 errors on the links in an old community post.  Most likely you will find that page here: 


Search for the page name in that repo and most likely it will still be there.  

Some of the more code-heavy pages are being moved to Skuid Labs - our repo of interesting experiments and extensions.   Check that out at  https://github.com/skuid/skuid-labs

Also you should check out the examples of fully built Skuid applications that are found at our Design System site:  https://portal.skuidsite.com/designsystem 

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