How to Get an Output Message from Apex Class displayed on Skuid Page as Error Message on a button cl

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I am trying to display an output message(which is a variable output from Apex Class) as an error on my SKUID page. The Apex Code(with the required message highlighted) is:

public static List<Output> UpdateTaskStatus(List<Input> lstInput){
List<Output> lstOutPuts = new List<Output>();
Output objOutput = new Output();
Set<Id> UnderWrittingIds = new Set<Id>();
List<Task> taskList = new List<Task>();
List<Stipulation__c> stipList = new List<Stipulation__c>();
Opportunity opp = new Opportunity();

for(input objI:lstInput){

Underwriting_File__c objUWFile = [select Id,Project_Status__c,Opportunity__c,Account_Name__c,M0_Ready_for_Review_Date_Time__c,
(select id,Name,Description__c,Status__c,Completed_Date_Time__c,Suppress_Completed_Email_Alert__c from Stipulations__r where Status__c != 'Completed' and (Stipulation_Data__r.Name = 'APR' or Stipulation_Data__r.Name = 'ACH')),
(select Id,OwnerId,Owner.Name from Tasks where whatid in:UnderWrittingIds and status = 'Open'),
Opportunity__r.isACH__c, Confirm_ACH_Information__c
from Underwriting_File__c where Id in:UnderWrittingIds limit 1];

if(objUWFile != null){
//Added as a part of Orange-2040 - Start
if(!objUWFile.Stipulations__r.isEmpty() && objUWFile.Project_Status__c == 'M1') // Added '&&' condition as part of 14705
for(Stipulation__c stip:objUWFile.Stipulations__r ) {
stip.Status__c = 'Completed';
stip.Suppress_Completed_Email_Alert__c = true; //Added by Adithya as part of 14701.
objOutput.Message = 'Auto-closed due to M1 approval';
/*if(objUWFile.Opportunity__r.isACH__c == true && objUWFile.Confirm_ACH_Information__c == 'ACH data Not Confirmed')
objUWFile.Opportunity__r.isACH__c = false;
else if(objUWFile.Opportunity__r.isACH__c == false && objUWFile.Confirm_ACH_Information__c == 'ACH data Confirmed')
objUWFile.Opportunity__r.isACH__c = true;*/

opp = objUWFile.Opportunity__r;
//Added as a part of Orange-2040 - End

for(Task objTask :objUWFile.Tasks){
objTask.Review_Date_Time_Complete__c =;
objTask.Status = 'Complete - Approved';
update stipList;
update taskList;
update opp;
return lstOutPuts;
}Catch(Exception ex){
objOutput.Message = ex.getMessage();
return lstOutPuts;
return null;

The place where I am trying to place the error message right now is shown here:

Please help with displaying this error as an output message from the class, in SKUID button actions.

Sejal Bhatt


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