combining Filterset and navigation

Dave 💎
edited October 25, 2019 in Questions
Hi guys looking at this blog from Skuid, and wondering how they achieved this: 

"Here, we’re combining the Skuid Navigation component and the Skuid Filterset component to achieve the Quick/Advanced Filters"

In Section 3

Any ideas?



  • Huyen York
    edited October 24, 2019
    Hey Dave, 

    Here are 2 screenshots for that section in the builder that will probably explain a few things

    Basically, I have a bunch of model conditions, some are pre-populated with values, like Priority = "High" that I can turn on and off using the Navigation component, and some aren't, which I use the Filterset below for user to enter criteria.

    Hope that helps :) 
  • Dave
    Dave 💎
    edited October 24, 2019
    thank you so much, would it to much of a Hassle to ask for the XML? 
  • Dave
    Dave 💎
    edited October 24, 2019
    And if you cannot, can you let me know how did you manage to toggle this wrapper to expand/collapse. (see screenshot below, yellow circle)

    From the image on the blog it seems there is another navigation component, but do not see how that would work, the closest i got is a collapsible wrapper component

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