Visualforce Remoting Exception: Apex CPU time limit exceeded [object Object]

Peter Larsen
edited October 25, 2019 in Questions
My organization requires its grantee organizations to submit a complete list of their staff to us once a year via a Skuid page. The staff records are held in the Contact object in Salesforce. On submission, the information provided on the form is copied into a Staff Snapshot custom object for archival purposes. For our largest grantees (with ~500 staff), the page throws an error on submission. Skuid simply displays "There was an error" briefly. The browser console shows the message "Visualforce Remoting Exception: Apex CPU time limit exceeded [object Object]".

The Submit button on the Skuid page sets three fields in a record from a model and saves the record. This save triggers a Salesforce Flow which writes the Staff Snapshot records. If I recreate this exact set of steps through the user interface, no error is thrown. Is there anything I can do in Skuid to avoid this problem?


  • Zach McElrath
    edited October 24, 2019
    Peter, it sounds like Salesforce is taking a really long to process the save and run that Flow --- I can't say why it's only failing in Skuid and not the standard UI, but it definitely sounds like there's a lot of server-side processing time going on. If the Skuid Model is truly just changing three fields and saving that change, i don't think there's anything you can do in Skuid to change this --- you might need to investigate speeding up / optimizing your Flow or other logic (e.g. other Process Builder / Workflow ) that happens when this object is saved.
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