Skuid model says that fields don't exist when they do

edited November 20, 2019 in Questions

I have a model on the Account object that is trying to pull in two fields that lookup to the Contact object. On one sanbox, when the model is queried it pulls in the data just fine with no errors. In another sandbox, where the pages and permissions are identical, I am getting errors on the model saying that these two fields do not exist.

I verified that the fields do exist and that the profile, record type, etc all have access to them. This also a sudden issue. This morning when I ran through the page there no issue, but now there is. I can't explain what changed there or why, or why it only happend in one sandbox and not the other.

Anyone have any idea why this would happen? Why would skuid say that a field sdoesn't exist when it very clearly does exist?



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