V2 Buttons with "Go to URL" Actions running but not executing

Eugene RinehartEugene Rinehart ✭✭✭
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I'm having difficulty with button actions in V2. In this case I'll focus on the "Go to URL" action. 

I have buttons in my layout that use the action on click, "Go to URL". They run of inserted fields combined with an existing URL. Here's an example: 


When I click the button in Preview Mode, the URL seems to work as evidenced by the text in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. However, the page does not seem to react. 

When I right click the button and select "Copy link address" and paste the text into a new tab, the page opens without issue, which means it's correctly calling the LAC Key inserted via a field above. 

My Skuid V1 page uses the same URL in the same manner and it works fine. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 


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    Haven't had any issues with Go to URL in action framework for buttons as of yet . I'm just navigating using /{{Key_LAC__c}} though. 

    (On Version 12.2.8)
  • Eugene RinehartEugene Rinehart ✭✭✭
    edited October 18, 2019
    Update. Potentially resolved. This is weird, but during troubleshooting I determined a specific Skuid Action to be the issue. Here's my setup: 

    I had a Button Set in an Accordion in a Wrapper, which was activated by another Button Set using the Toggle Action. The Wrapper containing the Accordion and Button Set I wanted to activate was set to an invisible default, and would appear when the Toggle Action was used. While behind this Toggle Action, URLs failed to execute, but removed from the toggled Wrapper and placed elsewhere on the page, they now work! 

    It would be nice if Skuid could look into why a Toggle would prevent an otherwise operable URL from running. Other than than, I removed the Toggle and went a different direction with page layout, and this resolved my issue. 
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