v2 Text Componet in Firefox

Jason CJason C ✭✭
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There seems to be a bug with the Text component when using Firefox. When you click on the component, the text editor doesn't come up. I tried clicking on all areas. Also the Insert Fileds(s) button doesn't show either.

Everything seems to be working fine in Chrome. 

Skuid Version: 12.2.6
Firefox Version: 69.0.1


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    Hi Jason, I could reproduce this issue and will report it to our development team. Thanks for letting us know!
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    A workaround seems to be to add text in a different browser, e.g. Chrome. Once there was any text in the Text component, I could edit it as usual in Firefox, too.
  • Jason CJason C ✭✭
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    Thanks Luzie. I guess I'm one of few on this community that use Firefox
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