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Hello I have created the custom List page for displaying Leads, When i click on the any Lead ,it should take me to the DETAILS page in new tab , on Detail page i wanted to display  the Progress bar.I created the LIST page with Skuid , How to open Details page in new tab with Progress bar


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    In most places where a link is exposed in Skuid - we provide you some customization options.   There are several ways to do that linking so I'll detail them out here. 

    1. Name Fields:  
    I assume you have Lead Name in your table,  and this is a link.   There is a property panel for this type of field where you control how the link field behaves.  In the "Custom URL" option you will have the option to open the URL in new window. 


    2.  Row Actions (and other actions) 
    Anywhere you can trigger the action framework - you can define a "URL Redirect".   So table row actions,  deck buttons,  wrapper on click actions,  etc.  There is a property on that action to control where the URL opens. 

    3. Coded URLS: 
    If you create a link in a template using HTML - add    target="_blank"  to your a href tag. 

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