Hiring now for full time skuid/salesforce development

Jack Sanford
Jack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
edited December 7, 2019 in General
XynManagement was recently acquired by CareDx, and we are expanding our development team. We are hiring for two new positions, Software Developer and QA, to be managed out of San Antonio, TX but open to remote. 

We are still finalizing the job requirements, but I wanted to give a head start to my fellow Skuidites. :)

In a nutshell, the positions will support the product XynQAPI, a quality management tool for organ transplant centers. The above links give a good overview of our company and what we do.

For the developer position, Skuid knowledge is ideal, javascript and Apex coding experience is a plus, as is experience in the healthcare industry and in particular with positions requiring HIPAA compliance. For the QA position, experience testing software and creating user and process documentation are must haves, with healthcare industry experience a plus. 

Contact me for more information, [email protected]


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