Nautilus Notes 19.3 (August Edition)

Matt BrownMatt Brown ✭✭✭✭
edited June 2, 2020 in General
Nautilus Notes number three hits tomorrow! 

In July, we talked about context, REST model filters, sample data, and a lot more. Check out this community post for more details, along with the recording link.

For the August Notes, we'll cover: 

- field properties and comboboxes

- Google Calendar integrations

- tracking page usage analytics

- embedding content via iframes in V1 and V2

...and more. We'll also get a release preview of Spark 12.2 from our Product and Engineering teams, and even though it's not a "major" release, there's a number of features I'm really excited about. 

See you at 2:03 tomorrow! Register here:

EDIT: We had a fantastic time on Tuesday. If you missed it, or want to go back and watch again, the recording is up here


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