Anyone added a zendesk chat to a Skuid page?

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Zendesk has a feature where you can have a chat icon hover over the lower right corner of the screen. If the user clicks it, they open a chat/message window. If someone is available to chat, they will get put in a chat queue and eventually chat with the rep. If a rep is not available, they can still type their question/concern in the chat and are notified that a representative will reply within 24 hours.
Has anyone added anything like this to a Skuid page?


  • Jacob CohenJacob Cohen ✭✭
    edited June 24, 2019
    Hey Raymond,

    The short answer is yes, there is actually a similar service within the skuid pages of the skuid app.

    Going a little deeper it looks like the method to integrate these sorts of features varies a great deal, even within a single product. It would be hard to judge if the integration used in my example matches the one which will be needed for your project.
    that said nothing i saw in my research would suggest something like this wouldnt work.

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    Great! Thanks.
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