"Can not read metaData of undefined" (Tries to push the CampaignMemberStatus label to Status field o

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Skuid Page create on Campaign Tab, and At SubTab level showing Campaign members. 

There, we have status field which we want to push the values from CampaignMemberStatus - "Label" field.

Create inline snippet for same  - 

    var element = arguments[0],value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]),$ = skuid.$;
    console.log('#####'+ arguments[0]);

//Get Campaign Member model information
    var campMembermodel = skuid.model.getModel("CampaignMembers");
    //Fetch first row of Lead info.
    var raw= campMembermodel.getFirstRow();
    // Get Status field value
    var statusModel=raw.Status;
   alert('#####'+ statusModel);
 console.log('I am in CampMember Snippet');
    // Perform query on Campaign Member Status on basis of CampaignId
    var result = sforce.connection.query("SELECT Id,Label,CampaignId,IsDefault,HasResponded From CampaignMemberStatus where CampaignId = '7012G000001Fh8B'");
    var Att = result.getArray("records");
    console.log('Length'+ Att);

  // Create a array for Custom Picklist
var picklistEntries = [];

picklistEntries = element.metadata.picklistEntries;

// if you don't do this, then the "real" values are already in the picklist and the code below will add duplicate values
picklistEntries.length = 0;     

        for(var a=0;a<Att.length;a++){
            picklistEntries.push({ value:Att[a].Label , label:Att[a].Label, defaultValue:Att[a].IsDefault, active: true  });

alert('Picklist'+ picklistEntries);



Error I am getting in console log - "Can not read metadata of undefined" for this line - picklistEntries = element.metadata.picklistEntries;

Can you please help us the same asap.



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