Community users are not able to access Skuid page

edited April 29, 2019 in Questions
Currently, we are using community built from Skuid pages. Since this morning, community users are not able to access any Skuid pages using the Community URL. 

NOTE: We are using VF to redirect Skuid page. We also tried to remove VF and call the Skuid page directly from the URL and still facing the issue saying  "We were unable to find a Skuid Page named "TestPage. . The Page is either inaccessible or does not exist. If you believe you should be able to view this Skuid Page, ask your System Administrator to check the Sharing Model for the Page object to ensure that you have access to this Skuid Page.".

We have checked all the permission and OWD setting and everything looks perfect.

Error encounter when use VF page redirect

Would be glad if anyone could provide some suggestion.

Thank you !


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