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Are there any tips or tricks about improving page load time in spark?  I have pretty simple pages and they are taking a minimum of 7 seconds to load.  

Here's the network Trace.  

The Theme Service API takes about 2 seconds alone:



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    We are aware of these page load time constraints in V2 pages on Visualforce, and are working to address them by Spark Update 1 release (12.1.x).
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    Thanks Zach
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    John, wanted to give updates on this --- we've done some major work in the last few sprints to significantly improve V2 page load time in Visualforce (which includes the V2 Page Composer and the Design System Studio) --- we're talking seconds faster on return visits to V2 pages. You will notice it. We've also made performance improvements for V1 and V2 pages in Lightning. 

    These changes should be available with Spark 12.1.4 maintenance release.
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    Zach - this is great news.  I've seeing that the releases have been coming out quite regularly and I'm looking forward to this one.
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    I don't think we're in the clear on this one.  We upgraded to 12.1.5 running V2 and while the page load time is better, it's still not what I would consider good performance.  Here are a couple network traces to illustrate.  

    This first trace is a Hello World page that has a responsive grid, a text element and a button.  There are no models, no page includes, no parent page, no actions, etc.  The XML is 41 lines all in.  Page load takes about 5 seconds, even after caching.

    Here's the rendered page:

    For a reasonably built out page, but not one I would consider complicated, we're seeing much longer page loads.  This trace is of a page that is a child page with some text elements and 4 page includes.  

    The models on this page are very simple and only return one record each.  There are a total of 5 records that load into this page, including the 3 models on the master page.  These models are all lightweight SOQL queries.  That said, the model request (Circled in the trace) looks like it doesn't even kick off until we're almost 10 seconds into the page load.

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