Model table filter not working properly for certain users?

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Model Table filter not working properly for certain users this working for system admin in skuid pages.

We have two users for the same profile, the first user in table filter is working fine but the second user is not working.

I have checked all permission, it is already assigned but I have confused why skuid not working for same to all user profile.




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    Not sure how helpful this may be but... this is one thing to explore: the "Switch filter  to Automcomplete at X items" property.

    It *could* be that the first user ... the one in the first screenshot would have access to more filter item choices. 

    So... maybe that could be something to test. 

    One method to test could be to build an aggregate model on the data source / object that is used in the table component shown.  Then put that model in a table component of it's own on a page on it's own.   Then render that test page with the two separate userids. 
    If you get more results with one or the other, it may help add some info to the troubleshooting process.  
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    Thanks, Carl Sheffield for the quick response.

    Now It is working I have set 50 number for X items.
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    Awesome!  That's a great way to start a Monday!   
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